The Urfterhof is located in a quiet area in the northern Eifel Nature Park on the Aachen-Cologne-Trier railway line. The Kall-Urft train station adjacent to the hotel makes your journey hassle free! Holiday starts from the moment you arrive!

There are bicycles, water sports, golf, horse riding, children's quad track, summer sleigh rides, boat tours and other entertainment to be explored near the hotel.

Three idyllic valleys - the Urft, Gillesbach and Kuttenbachtal - invite you to walk and hike.

Urft is the ideal starting point for a number of extensive hiking routes, e.g. on the nationally known Eifelsteig as well as the Römerkanal hiking trail and many other interesting themed hiking trails such as on old paths through the Eifel, first Eifler milk hiking trail, herb path or Eifler source path.


The hiking trails in Eifel National Park is 240 Kilometers long, of which 104 kilometers are designated cycling trails. The rest of the routes are not allowed for cycling.

These can be seen on the hiking map and marked with the help of red bicycle pictograms in the protected area of wooden road signs.

The staff at the National Park Gates and in the Vogelsang Visitor Center will be happy to help you identifying suitable routes.



The National Park Service provides hiking experience almost every day and it without registration with free of charge.

The length and difficulty of the walk are different, so you can choose the right route according to your own situation.

Learn first-hand interesting knowledge about national parks and their flora and fauna with the rangers, and satisfy your curiosity!




Nähere Umgebung:
Kronenburger See, Kronenburg 25 Km
Erlebnisbad Eifel-Therme 19 Km

Freilichtmuseum Kommern 15 Km
Schatzkammer Kloster Steinfeld 2 Km

Olefthalsperre, Hellenthal 12 Km Runde ca. 20 Km

Burg Satzvey 15 Km

Karstein und Kakushöhle, Mechernich-Dreimühlen 9 Km

Sommerrodelbahn Kommern 15 Km

Bad Münstereifel city Outlet

In the 57 districts and residential areas, the city of Bad Münstereifel offers everything your heart desires:
Recreation & adventure, culture & cure, sport & games, history & community.

This versatility guarantees a high quality of life while offering great shopping opportunities.


Vogelsang IP

After the Second World War it was first a British and then a Belgian military training area.

Since its establishment in 2006, "Vogrlsang IP" has evolved into a multi-floor, international center for exhibition, culture and education center, an extracurricular learning location as well as an extraordinary event and conference location.

Vogelsang IP is the hiking center of the Eifel National Park: The well-known hiking trails Eifelsteig and Wildnis-Trail run across the area and several circular routes around and over the Urftsee invite you to explore the area.